The teachers initially worked without a salary. Different members of the community contributed in their own way: one person provided space, another offered food, someone donated mats for sitting on, a person managed to bring some teaching-learning materials, and so on. The sparse tuition fees didn't cover expenses however, and often the teachers had to seek funds from friends.

Villagers come into the school to teach the children about subjects concerning the village i.e. its history, local customs, dress, folk dancing etc. These sessions with the villagers inspired the cultural program to be born. The committee decided to start the cultural program which began in2007.


Another significant role played by the community was to organize the Annual Day Event for the first time on 10th April 2010. The day was marked as a celebration and recognition of Swajan Shiksha Samiti's journey over the last eight years and included an exhibition of children's work. Many State and Local level Ministers attended the program and made announced contributions in the form of scholarships for students and towards school development.
Over the past 3 years the school has made significant advancement in its capacity and quality of teaching learning. Various training programs have been organized in the school to build the capacity of teachers. Simultaneously the team also got opportunity to attend learning programs outside the state to enhance its capacity.
The school often takes volunteers who come and work with the children on a range of subjects. During the last few years Ghati school welcomed a range of volunteers young and old, teachers and students who spent two to eight weeks working with the children teaching English, Music, Arts, Dance, sports and other academic subjects.  

Disha India is a national education institute based in Delhi that works on education issues and conducts capacity building programs for teachers.
Sanjay of Ghati School visited a Disha India workshop where people from all over India were in attendance. Sanjay represented the school and had an opportunity to talk about the school to an audience there and raised the name of the school amongst those present. He is also showcased in their poster for 2010 - 11 leadership building program.

Azim Premji Foundation is an organization working in Uttarakhand on Education. The head of the organization Mr. Anant Gangola inspired the team to run the alternative education program. Sanjay met him a year ago and he has since visited the school on several occasions.

Woodstock is an International school in Mussoorie that is very reputed internationally. The head of the school visited Ghati School. Mr. Nagarwala from Woodstock also visits (head of programs) He invited Ghati school to perform at the school during their annual fest.

Max from the USA visited the school with his daughter in March 2010. His support has inspired the school to continue its work and he also raises a great deal of funds for the school.

Changelooms learning journey –Sanjay and Mukesh were a part of the support program from 2010 to 2012. It provides youth led organizations with learning, financial and organization development inputs so that they can realize their vision for change. As a part of the same, a five day teacher training and appreciative enquiry process was conducted with a group of 10 teachers in Ghati by Pravah a youth development organization in New Delhi. During the course of the year long program various workshops were attended by the teachers, some collectively others individually. These were all aimed at teacher skill development at various levels. The final workshop on completion of the program was attended by Mukesh and Sanjay in Delhi during November 2012.


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