Come Let's Grow

Come Let’s Grow

In our own capacity we have been trying to draw their attention to these changes and the apparent/hidden implications through the medium of education and focusing on providing learning opporletsgrowtunities to them. Previous interactions, observations and workshops conducted have revealed a lack of space for the much needed explorations on issues of development. Further in the lack of any intervention programs in the school, the needs, aspirations and understandings of the young minds remain lopsided. They fail to understand themselves and roles in life and thus end up having fewer career choices. Hence working with the youth seems to a prominent area of intervention and development.
Activities are carried out through a year long program called Come Let’s Grow!! which is journey from self to society, ME to WE and largely concerned with developing leadership skills and understanding self. We have worked with about 100 youth directly through different intensive activities and more than 800 young people through indirect outreach.


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